Alias Kid (UK)

Just when you thought guitar music had dropped off the radar completely, along come Alias Kid, an all-male, 5-piece, rock ‘n’ roll band from Manchester, who blew that notion out of the water. The band is comprised of Maz Behdjet (Vocals, Guitar), Sean O’Donnell (Guitar, Vocals), Nick Repton (Bass guitar), James Sweeney (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Colin Ward (Drums).


Alias Kid’s story begins at their first gig at the Ducie Bridge in Manchester, October 2013. By their 3rd gig in November of the same year, they had been signed by music Mogul, Alan Mcgee (Oasis, Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream) to his highly regarded Creation Records.

Alias Kid by AsupremeshotPhotograph ©Asupremeshot

From then to now, Alias Kid have secured fantastic support slots with Liverpool’s Cast, Shaun Ryder’s Black Grape, and 90’s music icons, Happy Mondays on their extensive 2015 tour. This charismatic rock-quintet are certainly breaking in to the industry with a bang. Five working class lads, who managed to work their way up from the bottom (and written some brilliant tunes whilst they were at it).

Recording their debut album during summer 2014, the band was now armed with an array of rock ‘n’ roll anthems to wow the music scene. In Feburary 2015, their debut single ‘Dirty Soul’ was released, which gained praise from XFM’s Danielle Perry, citing it as XFM’s ‘track of the week’. ‘Zara Henna’ and ‘Smoke and Ashes’ both received Radio 6 airplay and the band went on to record a live, stripped back version of ‘Smoke and Ashes’ for Manchester’s Evening News which can be found here: here.

Alias Kid by AsupremeshotPhotograph ©Asupremeshot

Their debut album ‘Revolt to Revolt’ was released late May 2015 and was widely well received by not only their already growing, dedicated fan-base, but by local and national press alike, such as The Mirror, The Star, MEN and various music magazines, such as Louder Than War, Subba Cultcha and Music OMH.

«We’ve been working towards this point since we were all at school and it still shocks us how far we’ve come» commented frontman Behdjet, «We’re working class lads who have never been in it for the money or fame and it’s still all about the music to us. Every time something mad happens and we achieve something amazing, it just blows us away. We’re so grateful because we put in so much graft to get here.»

Alias Kid by AsupremeshotPhotograph ©Asupremeshot

Alias Kid have been heralded for their loud, explosive, energetic live shows, spotted with witty on- stage banter and crowd involvement and across summer of 2015, not only did AK play various gigs across the UK, with sold out headline Manchester dates, the band also played across various UK festivals, such as Kendal Calling, Wickerman, Standon Calling and the huge, Isle of Wight festival, gaining a larger, more powerful fan-base along the way.

«Our live sound defines us» Says O’Donnell, «It’s our live shows that really get people going. I think our record is great and it was produced by a lot of amazing people, but I don’t think anything can encapsulate that raw energy that I think we give off live. Playing gigs and festivals is what we live for, being there, seeing the crowd, hearing them calling our names and singing our songs is just mental.»

Alias Kid by AsupremeshotPhotograph ©Asupremeshot

Currently working on new material, the AK boys continue their frequent gig slots across the UK and overseas and have just commenced their first ever headline tour which stretched over March/April and SOLD OUT, with dazzling reviews which cited the boys as the next big thing. Alias Kid will be bringing their energy and rock anthems to plenty of festivals across summer 2016, including Bingley Music festival and Kendal Calling to name a couple, and having confirmed a support slot on Black Grape’s winter UK and Ireland tour, the boys are certainly not planning on slowing down – if you’re a fan of loud, lively gigs and a bit of rock ‘n’ roll attitude, you won’t want to miss a chance to see them.

Despite their growing success, these five confident, ambitious lads have remained humble throughout their continuing triumph. If they continue they way they’re going, the sky is only the limit for these boys!

Words by Hannah Leeland